The Happy Muggers

Why am I here?


From D’cafnaet’d’s Memoirs

I’m a drow without a home. Thats how it goes when you’ve angered a powerful foe who can hunt you even into the depths of the planet. I have no love for the daylight. I do not care for the people up here. Still, I recognize the need for… acquaintances. Going it alone topside is next to impossible. Especially when people are afraid of the mere sight of one of my kind. How I ended up with this particular group… well, I’m still trying to figure that out.

Despite our general success, and my impression that I can trust everyone, fighting along side them can be frustrating. When facing an enemy, their reaction time is dismal. I’m already into the fight by the time that they’ve finished discussing their strategy. I’ll take speed and a sharp blade over painstaking planning every time.

And the team… if you can call it that. Tarque is a giant of a man, and a big lumbering oaf. Stealth is not easy with him in our number. I will, however, concede that he can take a punch like no other I’ve witnessed. Leeloo, practically a child, and Montiago, no larger than a child… they are more flash than fire. When they hit, they can hit hard. When they hit. I’ve never held in high esteem those that would rather stand away from the fight and strike from a distance. I feel like they throw me off of my game. I can’t concentrate on my strikes while watching out for theirs. Of everyone, the old man, Tortolla, may be the foundation of the team. He shares his healing magicks freely, often in the nick of time. I fear the time when he falls in battle. Without him, the team doesn’t stand a chance.

I’ve considered striking finding new acquaintances. Adventurers on the topside are a copper a dozen. However, since I’ve been with the “Happy Muggers” (good gods, how did that name happen?) each day is interesting to say the least. That holds me here, for now. It’s probably a mistake to stay. After all, rescuing a town is far from the best way to maintain a low profile.


This is awesome.

Why am I here?

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