The Happy Muggers


Lava Monsters and Spider-Men

  • Battle in the next room
    • Two Magma Claws, two invisible Gnomes
    • They jumped up an missed Tortolla twice
    • Tarque pulled them together, used his cold-flavored daily Form of the Winter Herald to do extra damage due to their fire-y-ness
    • Leeloo’s Curse of Khirad pushed them all into a line, and then they missed each other and took psychic damage
    • Tarque Roots of Stone- crit!
    • Montiago Dillermo Grasping shadows – crit on magma claw; blows him out if area and he dies
    • Montiago Dillermo magic missile huts and kills a gnome
    • Tarque hit and killed the magma claw
    • Gnome hit D’cafnaet’d, Tarque reacted to mark and kill the gnome, whose head leaves his body
    • 120xp (900 total)
  • Found a trunk!
  • Leeloo snuck upstairs, saw Ettercaps in web room
    • Everybody went upstairs, and were loud. Three Ettercaps.
    • Web in the way.
    • We failed to isolate and kill one
    • Tarque was surrounded and getting wailed on
      • He got bit and poisoned
    • Tortolla used the power gem, healed Tarque
    • Montiago Dillermo’s Phantom Bolt killed one
    • Everyone was restrained and stuck in webs
    • Then we managed to bloody one with a solid Eldritch Blast from Leeloo
    • Killed one with a Haunting Spirits from Tortolla (I think?)
      • Only the leader remains
    • Fount of life stopped Tarque’s poison; he got down to 2hp
      • But he hit the last guy and marked him
    • Montiago Dillermo’s Phantom Bolt kills the guy
    • 110xp (1010xp). Level Up!
  • Found a dead body with a town guard medallion
  • Tarque out of healing surges, all of us tired; heading outside to extended rest.



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