The Happy Muggers

On dead things and dragons

Rivenroar, Sinruth, Dragons

From Tortolla’s Reflections

Its been two days of scouring this dungeon and I must admit: I’m impressed. What looked like a small army of assorted hobgoblins has proven to be much more… diverse than expected. Sinruth does indeed command a great variety of forces. Great slimes, wraiths, a kennel of snapping drakes, and worst of all- an adolescent dragon? This force that Sinruth has assembled is a very real threat.

Maybe its too much for Sinruth to have assembled on his own. Yes, he was a capable warrior. Strong enough and with a force of character to boss a collection of goblins around. Its no stretch to see him command a hold of goblins. But it is a stretch to think he could command a dragon all alone. They aren’t a beast to be tamed.

Even more troubling is the imprisoned dead with Hanson von Schorlock. In all of the rooms we had searched, I don’t recall seeing a mage capable of constructing wards strong enough to hold back the dead. Especially undead so fiercely protective of their ancestral grounds. This couldn’t have been Sinruth’s doing.

No, there’s more at work here. More than a hobgoblin commander could organize. I’ll need to bring this up with our employer in Brindol. Maybe there has been a change since we last left.



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