The Story So Far

Defending Brindol

The Happy Muggers started as just five strangers sitting in the Happy Mug when Brindol came under attack. We rallied together and repelled the intruders, then proceeded to do the same outside. We were commissioned by the city counsel to find the source of the problem and the location of certain persons who had disappeared in the attack. We tracked it to Rivenroar, a ruin outside the city.

Delving in Rivenroar

We spent a long time in the ruins, killing oozes and Ettercaps and rats and drakes and the undead and finally killing Sinruth and his pet dragon, earning the gratitude of Hanson von Schorlock, whose mausoleum was being defiled. We found most of the abductees, but some were already dead. In Sinruth’s things we found that he was taking orders from The Emissary, who was coordinating the “remnants” of the Red Hand. All this we reported back to Brindol, who told us to go warn Overlook of the danger and see if we could help them.

The Invasion of Overlook

We traveled to Overlook and were commissioned to explore the Monastery of the Sundered Chain to see if the orcs were using it to bypass the fortress at Bordrin’s Watch. Once there we discovered it filled with Orcs, and that it contained an entrance to the mountain’s Dwarven caves, where Kalad Ironfell was the last of the defenders. We fought our way to the last remaining open passage where Kalad died. After the Orc army’s first wave got through, we sealed the passage.

The Siege of Overlook

We found the army sieging Overlook, and began to look for Modra as a connection to the army. They found where he hangs out and searched for him, then defeated him. We took Modra’s place in the next weapons drop, and snuck and fought our way to Tusk’s doorstep.

The Search for Kerak Lode

After the siege was broken, Bram Ironfell hired us to find Kerak Lode, a lost mine south of Elsir Vale. When we got to Dunesend, we stopped a bandit attack. After interrogating one of the bandits, we set off into the desert and were ambushed. Tarque was carried off by a dragon. We found Kerak Lode and met Edrick, then infiltrated the castle. Inside we killed a mad fey lord, found out that Leeloo’s dad used to work for her, and found Tarque’s body. But the mine was worthless.

The Scourge of Brindol

Returning to Overlook, we were told Elisa from Brindol was looking for us. She had been kidnapped by bounty hunters, but we saved her and returned to find Brindol fearful of something eating merchants around the town. A talking sword named Sapphire led us to a temple in the Witchwood where cannibals had taken over. We defeated the them somehow, I suppose.

Lindestra Manor

An old friend of Leeloo’s dad called on the party to visit his estate three days outside of Brindol. They complied, but the first night they were staying there were attacked by Jontiago, and then found the house under siege by zombies. Turns out their host Veleris was busy turning himself into a lich, which accidentally raised a few hundred undead. His transformation worked, and he disappeared, and we took over the manor.

The Drow Threat

After Leeloo and Tortolla left to chase a clue about her father, Kynun and Lady Ronstien joined the party to chase an Ogre who turned out to be working as a scout for a planned grow invasion. We gave chase, infiltrated the gathering army, and brought down the cavern, almost getting buried alive.

The Garden of Graves

Instead of being buried alive, we followed Aegis into the feywild, where we confronted an evil force that had taken over an ancient fey burial site.


Montiago went off to chase his brothers, and a considerably-older Leeloo returned, before we all leapt back to the material plane and found that months had passed, and that the drow had indeed invaded. We went to Astrazalian to petition their aid, but had to convince the council of the threat.

What’s Next? Tune in next timeā€¦

The Story So Far

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