The Dillermo Brothers

Through the course of their travels, the Happy Muggers have met many of the Dillermo Brothers, the many evil siblings of Montiago Dillermo.

Seen “On Screen”

- Fontiago was killed in Rivenroar because he was a lazy bastard.
- Bontiwgo was killed in Rivenroar after stealing the candy.
- Pontiago was killed in Rivenroar because he was blue. He had the Resplendent Gloves.
- Jontiago was killed in Overlook because he was vile and killed people in hide and seek. He had the Resplendent Boots.
- Kontiago was killed in Kerak Lode because he was working for evil fey queens. He had the Resplendent Circlet.

Destiny Met “Off Screen”

- Sontiago‘s boots were stolen, so he’s probably dead.

The Dillermo Brothers

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