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This is a campaign using the Scales of War adventure path.

Fourty years ago, the Red Hand laid waste to the Elsir Vale. When their rampage was ultimately thwarted by the heroic deeds of the Diamond League, the Vale found peace at last. But a sudden raid upon Brindol has set the region on edge again. What mysterious force is behind this attack?

The Happy Muggers

  • Leeloo is an Eladrin in search of her father. Formerly a youthful Warlock, she was [flashback-6-leeloo|stripped of her powers] and later reappeared, much older, as a Bladesinger.
  • D’cafnaet’d, on the run from the law, is a rogue looking for treasure and adventure.
  • Lady Ronstien is looking for the Black Heart, which her father used to become a lich. She uses her divine powers to aid in her search.
  • Kynun is Lady Ronstien’s faithful protector, told by his dreams to guard her. Wielding a sword and powerful magic, he’s a freaking Jedi.

Past Members

  • Tarque, a strong Goliath Warden, was carried off by a sand dragon to his death.
  • Edrick, a dwarven prince looking to escape his duties, eventually went back to them.
  • Tortolla, the old shaman, was accompanied by his spirit-turtle Aegis, and the two of them went to help Leeloo, but did not return with her.
  • Montiago Dillermo– scholar, gnome, and possessor of many fraternal rivalries– ‘Monty’ is setting out to see more of the world to expand his knowledge. He went in search of his brothers to claim his sole inheritance.


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