Leeloo's Family

Leeloo’s family still lives in the Witchwood, just north of Brindol. Her mother Andrenu takes care of the twins, who are ten years her junior (5 at the start of the campaign). Her father Teagan is missing; he used to study magic in Astrazalian, but neither he nor the school can be reached any more.


Leeloo’s father has been an intermittent presence in her life for some time. He split his time between the family home and traveling, most often to study magic in Astrazalian but in lots of other places as well. Andrenu often talks about one time (before Leeloo was born) when he was imprisoned in the Shadowfell for three years.

He apparently offered to serve Shephatiah for 100 years some 4-5 years ago, but at some point after that stole her “stories” and ran off, leaving her a broken shell of her former self. It is unknown if he did this to hurt her because she was evil, or just because he wanted more power for himself.

At times, including with Shephatiah, he traveled under the pseudonym Alacasadon, though his purpose in doing so is as yet unclear.

Leeloo's Family

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