The Flashback campaign is set approximately 80 years before the start of the Happy Muggers’ beginning campaign, but takes place in the same world. It’s really an excuse for us to try out some published adventures (Beyond the Crystal Cave) that sounded neat.

The Characters

  • KD, aka “Kender Defender”, a Kender battle mind, played by Gabe
  • Lulu, a fairy warlord, played by David
  • Saya, a human Slayer, played by the table
  • Valeris, a human fire elementalist, played by the table
  • Teagan, an eladrin witch, played by Seth

The Story

The fey of the Sildaine Forest are fighting with the humans of Crystalbrook. A mist has invaded both lands, bringing Xivorts with it, and the pressure has engendered a low-simmer conflict between the once-friendly neighbors. But now the son of the humans’ leader and the daughter of the elves’ leader have disappeared, gone together into the Crystal Cave. But as the party chases the missing in, they find that all the troubles seem to have been going the other way. Who sent them? Or were they running from something even worse than themselves?

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