Color Candy

It all started with an email:

At the start of each night, every gamer (PCs and GMs alike) at the table gets one piece of Color Candy. You can’t eat the candy I give you.
Whenever a gamer describes the game world in a particularly awesome way (aka creates color), you can reward that gamer your piece of Color Candy. So if Ben describes how Tortolla’s healing sews up a wound in a way you like, or if Gabe describes a really awesome flip-and-stab, or if David talks about the dark ritual we’ve interrupted, they are prime targets for Color Candy.
But to be clear, Color Candy is for the description of the events, not the events themselves. Yes, that Scorching Burst may have been well timed, and that Thorn Strike might have been a crit, but if they’re not described in awesome words, they’re not eligible for Color Candy. Color Candy is to make each battle feel different, so we can remember this awesome fight from the next one, so that each battle isn’t just a litany of which powers we used.
This is an experiment, so we’ll see how it goes, but I think we’re up to the challenge of making our actions sound as awesome as they are. And if we do, we get candy!

After one night it became apparent that there were very minor tweaks needed:

  • At the start of every Encounter a new round of color candy goes out. If you haven’t given yours away yet, you don’t get a new piece.
  • Everyone needed to get the same kind of candy to hand out. Otherwise people went searching for the kind they wanted. We instituted a “swap what you get for anything from the bag,” but in practice no one ever did.

Color Candy

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