Tag: friendlies


  • Aegis

    [[:tortolla | Tortolla]]'s spirit turtle. A direct connection to the spirit world, Aegis has chosen to follow, instruct, and protect [[:tortolla]] through his adventures. Aegis' spirit is directly connected to the balance and order of nature. Though the …

  • Leeloo's Family

    [[:leeloo]]'s family still lives in the [[Witchwood]], just north of [[Brindol]]. Her mother *Andrenu* takes care of *the twins*, who are ten years her junior (5 at the start of the campaign). Her father *Teagan* is missing; he used to study magic in [[ …

  • Lord Eoffram Troyas

    Lord Eoffram Troyas is a half-elf merchant who serves on the [[Brindol]] city council. He is known to be slightly more liberal than the other councilmembers, and more favorable to adventurers. h2. History h3. Before the Game h3. During the Game …

  • Lucky

    This guy survived the [[session-1|attack on Brindol]] by never getting hit by the three hobgoblins around him. [[:montiago]] stole his poker winnings without him knowing.