Tag: baddies


  • Red Hand

    An uprising of [[goblins]] and [[hobgoblins]] from the [[Wyrmsmoke Mountains]], lead by a half-dragon half-hobgoblin named [[:azarr-kul]]. They were eventually destroyed by the [[Diamond League]]. h2. History h3. Before the Game They rose and …

  • goblins

    Nasty little buggers. Once rose up as part of the [[Red Hand]].

  • Spoogi

    A [[goblin]] who [[session-2|surrendered]] to the party to avoid death. He claimed to be a cook and told them that he had joined the marauders on their way toward [[Brindol]], and did not know where they came from. He later lied that they came from the …

  • Sinruth

    Recreator of the [[Red Hand]]] that [[session-3|attacked]] [[Brindol]], [[:spoogi]] gave the Happy Muggers this name and his location in [[Rivenroar]]. The party tracked him down and [[session-9|felled him]] and his black dragon friend. It was [[session- …

  • The Emissary

    A mysterious name used by whoever [[session-10|sent a letter]] to [[:sinruth]] encouraging him to attack the Hall of Great Valor in [[Brindol]]. Apparently in charge of some "remnants" of the reconstituted [[Red Hand]].