Tag: Overlook


  • session-17

    * Running from the lava ** hoping it's the right way ** following [[:kalad]]'s map ** minor skirmishes on the way * Outside, hike to [[Overlook]] * Sent an animal messenger to the city counsel saying we're on the way ** Orc patrols are light on the …

  • session-20

    * Into the next room ** big pile of bones on the floor ** [[:modra]] with a cloaked man ** three spidery things: Chitine Warriors and a Scout ** [[:modra]] offers us a job: leave with him and avoid the orcs ** we chat him up for a bit *** where …

  • session-22

    The door shuddered as the orc plowed into it, but Tarque's massive frame kept it in place. As the others caught their breath, D’cafnaet’d opened a window, gauged distance, and took a running leap up onto the roof next door. "Always moving too fast," …

  • Modra

    A shady character in [[Overlook]]. He [[session-17|tried to kill us]] when we started snooping around.

  • Bram Ironfell

    Brother of [[:kalad]] and representative of the [[Elsir Consortium]], he sent the PCs to find the [[Kerak Lode]]