The Happy Muggers

Leeloo's Journal
On the way to the Overlook

From Leeloo’s journal:

Sinruth is dead.

We fought through the entire catacomb and found him at last, and while his guards put up quite a fight and his dragon friend and he were together quite formidable, we felled him quicker than I would have suspected when we first caught sight of him.

Which is quite a different estimation than I would have given when we first arrived at Rivenroar. On the way there—even after the first day’s fighting—I would have guessed him to be a simple warlord, a strong man who had wrangled together a local tribe of goblins and, with a streak of hyperbole and a knowledge of the fear still bottled in a name, dubbed his dubious band the second coming of the Red Hand.

But it quickly became apparent that he was more than that. Or, as the note we found in his quarters would have it, the Emissary is more than that, and he played Sinruth into his plans. There is more going on in this than I would have suspected—but Sinruth is but a pawn in the game, and the outlines of the game are still unclear.

For now, the next clue lies in Overlook, that dwarven city to the northeast that protects Elsir Vale from the orcish hordes beyond. The trail to my father lies to the west, but the safety of mother and the twins must take priority. When the Vale fears no onslaught I shall be free to travel and unravel that mystery, but for now my path leads into the jaws of the greater and more immediate danger.

Overlooked at Overlook
The Happy Muggers find their next quest, and get beat up by a Wyrm
  • Search Sinruth’s room: a note!
    • the other remnants take great cheer in your attack on Brindol
    • attack Brindol by night; focus on the Hall of Great Valor
    • signed The Emissary
  • Done with Rivenroar
  • Got Adronsius to look at the dragon corpse
    • got a vial of acid
  • Talked to Mertalla about the missing Certanian
    • she was with him briefly, and then did not see him again
    • no one really knew him well
    • Jelissa knew of him: a private man dedicated to the Great Hall of Valor
  • Back to Brindol
    • slower back then here; 2.5 days
    • construction and guards here when we got back
    • keep the abductees together
    • go see Lord Eoffram Troyas
      • show him the letter
      • show him Cartinus’ badge
      • tell him at Sinruth is dead
      • and a dragon is, too
      • I have gotten reports of large numbers of orcs near the city of [[Overlook]]
        • “they are part of our alliance”
        • we hope to send a small force to their aid as soon as we can
        • a city of 8k
        • Bordrin’s Watch is there
        • stay over at Lord Eoffram Troyas’s place
        • gives us a message sealed with wax
        • gives us 80 Gold 300 Silver
  • Travel to Overlook
    • uneventful
    • an old city to protect the dwarves from the giants who had enslaved them
    • want some armor: directed to the Forgeworks, to the house of Donar
      • Tortolla spent 840 Gold on some Bear Spirit Leather Armor +1
    • to the council
      • give them the message
      • Morgoff Stonefirst, head of the council is concerned!
        • “if what he says is true, the entire vale is in much greater danger than I ever imagined.”
        • three months ago, the number of Orc attacks increased
        • they are amassing an army large enough to take Bordrin’s Watch and burn Overlook to the ground.
        • the Monastery of the Sundered Chain, deep in the mountains, may be providing a way past the Watch
        • we will protect the vale!
  • Stay in Overlook overnight
    • avoid a bar fight
  • Off to the Monastery
    • got lost because of Tarque
    • got back on track due to Leeloo
  • Ambushed by a Silkwyrm
  • Extended rest!
On dead things and dragons
Rivenroar, Sinruth, Dragons

From Tortolla’s Reflections

Its been two days of scouring this dungeon and I must admit: I’m impressed. What looked like a small army of assorted hobgoblins has proven to be much more… diverse than expected. Sinruth does indeed command a great variety of forces. Great slimes, wraiths, a kennel of snapping drakes, and worst of all- an adolescent dragon? This force that Sinruth has assembled is a very real threat.

Maybe its too much for Sinruth to have assembled on his own. Yes, he was a capable warrior. Strong enough and with a force of character to boss a collection of goblins around. Its no stretch to see him command a hold of goblins. But it is a stretch to think he could command a dragon all alone. They aren’t a beast to be tamed.

Even more troubling is the imprisoned dead with Hanson von Schorlock. In all of the rooms we had searched, I don’t recall seeing a mage capable of constructing wards strong enough to hold back the dead. Especially undead so fiercely protective of their ancestral grounds. This couldn’t have been Sinruth’s doing.

No, there’s more at work here. More than a hobgoblin commander could organize. I’ll need to bring this up with our employer in Brindol. Maybe there has been a change since we last left.

Defeating Sinruth
And his little dragon, too!
  • Questioned Mumra
    • he’s Hanson von Schorlock
      • of a noble family famous 3-400 years ago that slipped out of history ~100 years ago
    • the goblins have been here more than six months
    • he’s been killed multiple times but has come back
    • he draws us a map of the dungeon, shows us where to go
    • something big is upstairs; he has heard it move
  • Head to the Double Doors
    • Sinruth and some hobgoblins
    • Tarque goes into Form of the Winter Herald
    • Montiago Dillermo uses Phantasmal Terrain to double the Winter Form effect
    • magic hobgoblin hits the whole group, but misses everyone but D’cafnaet’d
      • D’cafnaet’d, of course, is the one we need not to get hurt, since he’s down to two surges
    • Sinruth runs away, but down a hallway that should be a dead end
    • Leeloo Witchfires the magician, teleports because he’s bloodied, then runs
    • the magician chases Leeloo, and a fist grabs her from the ground
    • Aegis gets hit and Goes Down!
    • D’cafnaet’d uses scattering shot, hits a hobgoblin and pushes the other hobgoblins around
    • Tortolla manifests Aegis, who bites the magician, who dies
    • Aegis kills a hobgoblin, but the hobgoblin keeps going
    • Tortolla kills a hobgoblin who falls
    • Leeloo kills a hobgoblin who keeps going
    • a dying hobgoblin misses Tortolla, the other one misses Aegis
  • Short rest? Extended rest? Push on? Short rest; push on
  • Into the room; Sinruth is standing alone
    • he doesn’t surrender to Leeloo
    • everyone misses him as he stands there
    • he charges and hits Tortolla twice
    • a fledgling black dragon pops out of the pool
    • Tarque Thorn Strikes Sinruth and then misses him
    • Spirit of the Healing Flood bloodies Sinruth
    • D’cafnaet’d backstabs Sinruth
    • Sinruth misses Tarque, but hits him on the backswing. He then burns an action point to miss again, and hit again on the backswing. That’s 24 damage in one turn! He then runs to the back
    • the dragon then jumps forward and drools acid on the ground
    • Leeloo Eldritch Blasts the dragon
    • Tarque’s Inspiring Fortitude gives everyone 13 temporary hit points
    • Montiago Dillermo casts sleep; slows both. Then burns an action point to scorching blast both
    • D’cafnaet’d then drops a Cloud of Darkness, hides in it and backstabs Sinruth, then burned an action point to Acrobatic Strike him and take him out!
    • the dragon drops a Shroud of Gloom on everyone that makes us distracted and acid-vulnerable
    • Tortolla does a heal to rid Leeloo of the shroud
    • D’cafnaet’d stabs then Tumbles past the dragon
    • the dragon crit hits D’cafnaet’d, Tarque misses his opportunity, then the dragon burns an action point to hit Tarque. Both get ongoing acid damage
    • Tortolla uses Spirit of the Tempest to hit the dragon and give D’cafnaet’d a save. He fails but uses his broach to retry and succeed. Tortolla then burns an action point to use Spirit of the Tempest again and let Tarque make a savings throw, but he fails
    • Tarque hits the dragon, who uses Bloodied Breath to miss Tarque and hit Leeloo. Thankfully, Leeloo isn’t shrouded so isn’t vulnerable to the new ongoing acid
    • D’cafnaet’d hits the dragon, who hits everyone around him with acid
    • the dragon then crit hits Tarque, then burns an action point to miss D’cafnaet’d, whose adder grease armor poisons the dragon. The dragon then saves against the poison
    • Leeloo hits with Eldritch Blast, then saves against her acid
    • Tortolla heals D’cafnaet’d and Tarque
    • Tarque saves versus his acid and goes on full defense
    • we have nothing but basic attacks left in the whole party
    • D’cafnaet’d shoots with a crossbow and hits
    • the dragon hits Tarque with two claws and Tarque is at 1hp
    • Montiago Dillermo phantom bolts the dragon and kills him. The dragon spits acid and Tarque Goes Down
    • 325 XP for battles (2095 XP total)
    • 155 XP for complete the quest (2250 XP total; Level Up!)
    • Montiago Dillermo made a dragontooth necklace and took the eyes
    • in the dragon’s pool:
      • 270 Gold
      • Potion of Healing x2
      • Warmage Robes +1 (cloth): goes to Leeloo
  • Things to remember to do:
    • Let the alchemist look over the dragon
    • Go talk to Hanson again
The Undead
  • Talking with Zerrika
    • got Zerrika out of the circle by rubbing it out
    • she wants to go by herself
    • we convince her to stay and watch the other prisoners
  • Extended rest
  • Up the stairs
    • four hobgoblins with swords
    • two lizards that shoot acid!
    • the hobgoblins yelled “Intruders!”
    • Leeloo leaps out, kills a hobgoblin, and teleports back to the back of the party
    • D’cafnaet’d shoots the lizard that shot him
    • Tarque Thorn Strikes a lizard
    • Scorching Bursting takes two hobgoblins out
    • a goblin comes out “what’s all this racket? You’re interrupting my research!” he raised his staff and Montiago Dillermo gets hit by a Curse
    • Tortolla’s Spirit of the Tempest hits the goblin
    • acid spits: miss D’cafnaet’d, hits Tarque
    • Witchfire misses
    • D’cafnaet’d crit hits the lizard
    • the last hobgoblin runs toward Leeloo, but Tarque takes him out
    • the goblin brings fog and covers most of the field to conceal himself and his allies
    • Tortolla brings Spirits of Ancient Battles to aid us
    • both drakes hit Leeloo, who then misses
    • D’cafnaet’d drops his own Cloud of Darkness, jumps into it, kills a drake, burns an action point, and bloodies the goblin
    • the goblin tries to run away, but since he’s flanked D’cafnaet’d and Tarque get to hit and he dies
    • Tarque crushes the last drake
    • the goblin has a Bloodcurse Rod which goes to Leeloo
    • 110 XP
  • Inspect the room the goblin came out of
    • dead bodies – the only human corpse has been here a long time; not an abductee
    • 100 Gold emerald
    • 80 Gold
    • potion of healing – goes to D’cafnaet’d
  • Found the well and an empty room, then a room with zombies
    • we all burst through a door to see two zombies
    • D’cafnaet’d snuck through the other door and backstabbed one zombie
    • but then two ghouls come out, knock D’cafnaet’d down, and start clawing him
    • Tortolla misses with thunderbear’s warding, then burns an action point to kill the backstabbed zombie
    • Tarque pulls a ghoul and is surrounded by all three baddies
    • D’cafnaet’d flanks the ghoul, drops a Cloud of Darkness, then Acrobatically Strikes and kills a ghoul
    • Leeloo Witchfires the zombie and kills him
    • Phantom Blast kills the last ghoul
    • 130 XP
  • Back the other way, found a shrine to the raven queen that has been desecrated
    • two abductees are chained to it: A Child, the guard’s son, and Jelissa
    • A Child overhears that his father is dead, and his yelling wakes the woman, Jelissa
    • the woman talks about Sinruth, who has “some sort of ally” that will “give him the power to reform the red hand” and one of the ally’s servants is hear today.
  • Through the hallway past the obelisk, a throne room
    • on the throne, Mum-ra
    • Skeletor to one side on another chair
    • Leeloo bluffs that we are servants of Bane, which doesn’t go over so well: skeleton archers pop out of the ground
    • Tarque smashes a skeleton archer
    • Leeloo uses the Curse of the Dark Dream on Mumra to slide him into the corner next to Tarque
    • Mumra runs past Tarque (and gets hit), then immobilizes Tarque, then raises a skeleton back from the ground
    • Tortolla drops Mumra with a Haunting Spirits
    • Leeloo misses with Witchfire, then burns an action point to miss with Eldritch Blast
    • skeletor hits D’cafnaet’d for ongoing necrotic damage
    • Montiago Dillermo burns a skeleton, then burns an action point to burn another, then shifts a miss onto skeletor to slow him
    • skeleton archers both hit Leeloo
    • Content Not Found: aegis bites a skeleton archer
    • D’cafnaet’d hits skeletor and bloodiest him; he shoots bone shards out and hits everyone but Leeloo, then D’cafnaet’d burns an action point to miss
    • Leeloo Eldritch Blasts skeletor, who explodes and hits Tarque and D’cafnaet’d. D’cafnaet’d Goes Down!
    • Tarque kills the last skeleton archer
    • 100 XP (1770 total)
Getting Faster

From Leeloo’s journal:

I think I’m getting faster. The oncoming rush of combat still makes me a little nervous, but these last few melees I’ve been able to swallow my fear and dive in. I’ve even been quicker on the draw than D’cafnaet’d once! And just now after some rats sped across the room and knocked me down, I was able to teleport away before I hit the ground and was covered by the little beasts.

Of course, I’ve been missing a lot more lately than I was before, but I’m almost certain that’s just bad luck and not because I’m rushing things. Almost certain.

Swarms and Fungus
  • Into a big room
  • Montiago Dillermo gets up and notices the blue gnome was Pontiago
  • Behind a door
    • a badly beaten Dwarf who we heal
    • answers to Adronsius, the town alchemist
    • reports of being beaten for no reason
    • was with Jelissa at first, but not now
  • Upstairs, a fungus-filled room with frogs
    • thornskin frogs with long tongues
    • sporeskin frog with reactions
    • murk lord frogs with great agility
    • some mushrooms seem to be cloudspores which obfuscate their surroundings
    • shrieker mushrooms that make noise
    • doomspore mushrooms that hurt the baddies
    • Leeloo: why are we killing these frogs? Did the hobgoblins give them hostages?
    • Tarque: theres a room beyond them we’ve got to search
    • frogs tongue lash D’cafnaet’d with a crit
    • D’cafnaet’d and Tarque are knocked prone
    • frog leapfrogs Tarque, pulls Tortolla around
    • Montiago Dillermo burns an action point to do both Grasping Shadow and Scorching Bursted on three frogs together, killing the brute
    • Montiago Dillermo killed a thornskin, Tarque killed a thornskin, Tortolla killed a thornskin
    • Tarque pushed the murk lord into a mushroom, which exploded and concealed him
    • the murk lord tongue lashed Montiago Dillermo and missed
    • Witchfire hits a frog
    • D’cafnaet’d runs by the murk lord
    • Tarque kills him; he explodes and crits Tortolla, hits Tarque
    • 100 XP
  • Found a room with an old woman in a magic circle
    • Zerrika, who asked what took us so long
Saving the Old Woman
The heroes find some loot and a beat up old woman
  • After an extended rest
  • Sneaking thru the hallway with the pit in it
    • D’cafnaet’d in front
    • avoids a pit trap
    • D’cafnaet’d surprises a hobgoblin, kills him and runs back
    • goblin follows D’cafnaet’d, gets cut down by Aegis
    • Tarque runs out, gets shot by an arrow, then attacked by Betty the drake
    • drake chomps Tarque for 17 damage!
    • soldier gets hit by everyone at once; D’cafnaet’d gets the kill
    • drake runs around behind Tarque and bites him, but resist + temp hit points means only 1 damage!
    • Leeloo shift, Curses, kills the archer, then teleports
    • Leeloo Witchfires Betty; Betty dies
    • 105xp
  • Found:
    • a bedchamber with 100 Gold
    • a No Regrets Broach, which goes to D’cafnaet’d
    • sarcophagi with a dead guy inside one
    • a secret passage
  • Went through the secret passage, found a door with sobbing on the other side
    • pestilential rats and two goblins with a sobbing old woman who looked like she’d been ravaged
    • pinned in the doorway, with Tarque getting hit by the rats and the rest of us shooting
    • Tarque killed a rat
    • invisible goblins both shot Tarque, ate up only temporary hit points
    • Montiago Dillermo killed a rat with Scorching Burst
    • D’cafnaet’d Tumbled past the rat, stabbed and missed, then burned an action point to stab again and hit
    • Leeloo Fey Stepped past the rat, then Eldritch Blasted it to death and teleported again
    • Montiago Dillermo Scorching Bursts D’cafnaet’d to hit two gnomes surrounding him; hits one gnome
    • D’cafnaet’d acrobatic Strike hits a gnome, who turns invisible
    • Tortolla kills a gnome
    • Tortolla gets missed by the un-invisible gnome
    • Montiago Dillermo kills the last gnome
    • 110xp
  • Talk to the old woman
    • she’s sick!
    • Tortolla heals her, but she’s still catatonic
    • we calm her down, give her a bed
    • identifies herself as Mertalla the cook, says she was with Certanian (the hall of great valor guy) (Cartinus was the dead guy)
    • she wants to come with us; we agree
Into the pit
I can explain that....

From D’cafnaet’d’s Memoirs

As with any hunt, the hunters will talk about their prowess as they recount the notable events of the day. As the Happy Muggers revisit our day, it’s interesting to hear the gradual change in the stories. Some, like fishermen, have stories that grow more grand with each retelling. Others in our little group recount the events of the day with a heavy heart, not at peace with the idea of killing. One part of the story, however, seems to remain consistent, no matter the teller. This part of the story is told and retold with enthusiasm by each. I wince every time the subject comes up again: The Drow fell into a pit.

OK… it’s true. I did fall into a pit. But come on! Is this really my noteworthy contribution of the entire hunt? Did they miss it when I performed a back handspring triple Salchow combination with a half twist while plunging my dagger deep into what appeared to be a living blob of molten lava? Apparently. Was no one looking when I scrambled in, around, and through giant spider webs as if I had 8 legs myself? Clearly not. What did they notice??? They noticed that D’caf fell down a pit.

Perhaps I had to slay an enemy just beyond the door. Perhaps I slipped in a pool of his blood. Maybe I was forced into the pit by sinister magicks. No one in the group knows, because no one else was courageous enough to go through the door! Just me, versus a couple of snipers. (except not so much. Thank you stupid pit.) The point is, I damn near broke my leg, and everyone was too busy laughing to find out how. Thank you, Happy Muggers. Thank you for your concern.

Lava Monsters and Spider-Men
  • Battle in the next room
    • Two Magma Claws, two invisible Gnomes
    • They jumped up an missed Tortolla twice
    • Tarque pulled them together, used his cold-flavored daily Form of the Winter Herald to do extra damage due to their fire-y-ness
    • Leeloo’s Curse of Khirad pushed them all into a line, and then they missed each other and took psychic damage
    • Tarque Roots of Stone- crit!
    • Montiago Dillermo Grasping shadows – crit on magma claw; blows him out if area and he dies
    • Montiago Dillermo magic missile huts and kills a gnome
    • Tarque hit and killed the magma claw
    • Gnome hit D’cafnaet’d, Tarque reacted to mark and kill the gnome, whose head leaves his body
    • 120xp (900 total)
  • Found a trunk!
  • Leeloo snuck upstairs, saw Ettercaps in web room
    • Everybody went upstairs, and were loud. Three Ettercaps.
    • Web in the way.
    • We failed to isolate and kill one
    • Tarque was surrounded and getting wailed on
      • He got bit and poisoned
    • Tortolla used the power gem, healed Tarque
    • Montiago Dillermo’s Phantom Bolt killed one
    • Everyone was restrained and stuck in webs
    • Then we managed to bloody one with a solid Eldritch Blast from Leeloo
    • Killed one with a Haunting Spirits from Tortolla (I think?)
      • Only the leader remains
    • Fount of life stopped Tarque’s poison; he got down to 2hp
      • But he hit the last guy and marked him
    • Montiago Dillermo’s Phantom Bolt kills the guy
    • 110xp (1010xp). Level Up!
  • Found a dead body with a town guard medallion
  • Tarque out of healing surges, all of us tired; heading outside to extended rest.

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