The Happy Muggers

When life gives you shadows...

Tortolla's Reflections

…Seek shelter behind a door.

I’ve had my fair share of scuffles in my life. I haven’t exactly lived in the most peaceful of territories. Sure things have quieted down since the Red Hand was defeated. But there’s always been sources of contention. Incidents of violence away from the lights of cities and villages.

The Happy Muggers have definitely been through their tight spots too. The battle in Rivenroar or the great White Wyrm ambushing us on the road. Every time we scrape by on the skin of our teeth and somehow we make it out alive. Sometime D’caef scrapes by a little closer than the rest of us.

However, this last fight was different. We were rotating slowly around a large fighting pit. Leeloo managed to get the attention of a large brute calling forth shadows to rain down on us. I know that the girl is used to channeling powers greater than herself, but this may be the first time something of such power has been thrown back at her.

But thankfully, we executed a great plan! Monty took the lead, charging valiantly across the chamber. Leeloo quickly followed suit, ducking behind the wall at the far end of the room. A brilliant plan, but they forgot one crucial element.

My years of experience has taught me one important lesson. When life gives you crazy shadowbolts… seek shelter behind a door.


This is awesome.

Minor quiblle: add the `bluebook` and `pov-tortolla` tags to show up in the list linked from the campaign’s front page. (I did it for this entry already).

When life gives you shadows...

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