The Happy Muggers

Tortolla's Reflections 2

Curious little redhead

From Tortolla’s Reflections

She’s worried. She has been since that goblin we captured informed us of the raiders home in the Witchwood. Her family lives in the Witchwood, in the eastern reaches closer to Brindol. Even after we discovered they were safe, she’s still worried.

I remember the constant fear of losing the ones you loved. The Red Hand’s rampage was an ever present terror in my own youth. Now poor Leeloo has to face that same fear. Fear that at any moment, her home will be ransacked, her family murdered. Nobody should be subject to this.

And yet, she’s also incredibly determined. Even though she’s a small girl, she’s kept up with the likes of Tarque traveling all this way. She has a sense of great curiosity and wonder that drives her forward, keeps pushing her onward. Its quite obvious that she’s fey-touched. That mixture of arcane mystery and unleashed power. A formidable combination for a warlock.

Her natural curiosity and a connection with the Fey… She has great events ahead of her. But what manner of greatness has yet to be seen. While nature’s spirits may obey the great cycle and protection of life, the Fey are fickle and unpredictable. Their motives change faster than a river. I wonder if she knows the power she’s playing with.


Use [[: before a character to link to them. I’m leeloo and Gabe is dcaf for ease of linking.

Tortolla's Reflections 2

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