The Happy Muggers

Tortolla's Reflections 1

Seeking balance in chaos

From Tortolla’s Reflections

In all my many years Aegis has shown me the power, majesty, and mystery of nature’s course. In all things the spirits are active, from the smallest insect to the greatest mountain. But this… This is hard to accept as just another cycle in nature…

I’ve seen my fair share of violence and destruction before in the world. Wolves hunting their prey. Bears savaging a hunter in defense. The tides of the rain seasons breaking down and washing away entire villages. But all these things lead to a greater end. A rebirthing, a continuation of the cycle back to another spirit, another life. Everything sacrificing for another, so that another may live.

But seeing the violence and destruction the intelligent races bring down upon one another is entirely different. Brindol’s Townspeople left wounded- several dead or dying. Their houses burned and smashed, and now we find that several townsfolk were taken directly from the city to Gods know where… Such acts of rampant savagery shake my very core.

And yet…

Perhaps this is part of a greater cycle. Perhaps these events will lead to a rebirth, another chance for life to begin anew. During the conflict earlier I noticed a sense of ease from Aegis that, while not unusual, did seem to radiate out into myself and my companions more strongly before. It bound us together, gave us the will to fight on. Stronger than before.

I’ve sensed this same calm before. When he has talked of the great deeds of nature’s guardians and servants. Of those that serve the spirit’s will, that bring balance and order to the chaos of the world. Aegis must know something he is not sharing with me. Perhaps in time, he’ll see fit to tell me…



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