The Happy Muggers

Tarque adventure Log 1

Into the Fary

From Tarque’s Thoughts

I was not surprised by the slamming of the bar door. Often times many a drunk patrons of the “Happy Mug” would stumble in and out of the bar all hours of the day. The thing that caught my attention was the blood curtalling scream and a thud. As I turned around expecting to have to break up another fight, I saw them. A sworm of goblins rushing into the room. It was time. Time to see what this adventure group could do. Time to get down to busness.

D’cafnaet’d was brash and reckless, both aspects I did not like in a person. Recklessness can get you killed. It can get the team killed. For the most part the group moved well together, as if each member were an extention of my body. A third arm to strike at my unsespecting foe.

The goblins that rushed in didn’t expect anyone would fight back. They are dead because they didn’t.


This us awesome.

Minor points: backdate to the appropriate Wednesday so everything stays in order. Edit and use the big black control to set the date. Also, Tag your adventure log a with pov-tarque and then we can link to the whole series.

Tarque adventure Log 1

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Tarque adventure Log 1

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