The Happy Muggers

Swarms and Fungus

  • Into a big room
  • Montiago Dillermo gets up and notices the blue gnome was Pontiago
  • Behind a door
    • a badly beaten Dwarf who we heal
    • answers to Adronsius, the town alchemist
    • reports of being beaten for no reason
    • was with Jelissa at first, but not now
  • Upstairs, a fungus-filled room with frogs
    • thornskin frogs with long tongues
    • sporeskin frog with reactions
    • murk lord frogs with great agility
    • some mushrooms seem to be cloudspores which obfuscate their surroundings
    • shrieker mushrooms that make noise
    • doomspore mushrooms that hurt the baddies
    • Leeloo: why are we killing these frogs? Did the hobgoblins give them hostages?
    • Tarque: theres a room beyond them we’ve got to search
    • frogs tongue lash D’cafnaet’d with a crit
    • D’cafnaet’d and Tarque are knocked prone
    • frog leapfrogs Tarque, pulls Tortolla around
    • Montiago Dillermo burns an action point to do both Grasping Shadow and Scorching Bursted on three frogs together, killing the brute
    • Montiago Dillermo killed a thornskin, Tarque killed a thornskin, Tortolla killed a thornskin
    • Tarque pushed the murk lord into a mushroom, which exploded and concealed him
    • the murk lord tongue lashed Montiago Dillermo and missed
    • Witchfire hits a frog
    • D’cafnaet’d runs by the murk lord
    • Tarque kills him; he explodes and crits Tortolla, hits Tarque
    • 100 XP
  • Found a room with an old woman in a magic circle
    • Zerrika, who asked what took us so long


I blame Montiago for being delicious. If he hadn’t been so tasty he wouldn’t go down twice in one fight.

Swarms and Fungus

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