The Happy Muggers

Saving the Old Woman

The heroes find some loot and a beat up old woman

  • After an extended rest
  • Sneaking thru the hallway with the pit in it
    • D’cafnaet’d in front
    • avoids a pit trap
    • D’cafnaet’d surprises a hobgoblin, kills him and runs back
    • goblin follows D’cafnaet’d, gets cut down by Aegis
    • Tarque runs out, gets shot by an arrow, then attacked by Betty the drake
    • drake chomps Tarque for 17 damage!
    • soldier gets hit by everyone at once; D’cafnaet’d gets the kill
    • drake runs around behind Tarque and bites him, but resist + temp hit points means only 1 damage!
    • Leeloo shift, Curses, kills the archer, then teleports
    • Leeloo Witchfires Betty; Betty dies
    • 105xp
  • Found:
    • a bedchamber with 100 Gold
    • a No Regrets Broach, which goes to D’cafnaet’d
    • sarcophagi with a dead guy inside one
    • a secret passage
  • Went through the secret passage, found a door with sobbing on the other side
    • pestilential rats and two goblins with a sobbing old woman who looked like she’d been ravaged
    • pinned in the doorway, with Tarque getting hit by the rats and the rest of us shooting
    • Tarque killed a rat
    • invisible goblins both shot Tarque, ate up only temporary hit points
    • Montiago Dillermo killed a rat with Scorching Burst
    • D’cafnaet’d Tumbled past the rat, stabbed and missed, then burned an action point to stab again and hit
    • Leeloo Fey Stepped past the rat, then Eldritch Blasted it to death and teleported again
    • Montiago Dillermo Scorching Bursts D’cafnaet’d to hit two gnomes surrounding him; hits one gnome
    • D’cafnaet’d acrobatic Strike hits a gnome, who turns invisible
    • Tortolla kills a gnome
    • Tortolla gets missed by the un-invisible gnome
    • Montiago Dillermo kills the last gnome
    • 110xp
  • Talk to the old woman
    • she’s sick!
    • Tortolla heals her, but she’s still catatonic
    • we calm her down, give her a bed
    • identifies herself as Mertalla the cook, says she was with Certanian (the hall of great valor guy) (Cartinus was the dead guy)
    • she wants to come with us; we agree


Wow! Despite the fact that I wasn’t quite feeling myself, I was awesome!

Saving the Old Woman

I especially liked the part where Montiago aimed Scorching Burst on you to hit the gnomes around you, because we figured your reflex was high enough to evade. It was!

Saving the Old Woman

I’m all for crazy tactics as long as I don’t die!

Saving the Old Woman

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