The Happy Muggers

Spectral Assault

  1. Still in Rivenroar
  2. Don’t want to go down; don’t want to get trapped. Explore the left branch instead.
  3. Killed four mooks, a hobgoblin soldier, and two goblin archers
    1. Montiago leapt through the fray, used Grasping Shadows on the archers, and then got shot and nearly died.
    2. D’cafnaet’d fell down a pit
    3. 100xp
  4. Found a shimmering image of a castle in the swamp
    1. An ooze popped out and attacked
    2. The ooze split in half
    3. Spectres from nowhere hurt us bad
    4. D’cafnaet’d went to 0hp for the second time
    5. D’cafnaet’d is a ghostbuster: killed both the spectres
    6. 130xp



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