The Happy Muggers

Session 46: The Council Swings

In which the drow are found, a priestess is captured, the vote swings our way, and… what was that noise?

Sartian proved little help. He had no more information than we did, and so we set out into the wilderness looking for the Drow we knew were haunting the rode between Brindol and Astrazalian. We kept out of sight, and within a few days were peering through the underbrush at their camp just as night fell. Two hulking verbeeg stood by the fire, four tents door-out around them. D’cafnaet’d scouted out the tents, looking for more definitive proof than a couple of mercenaries, and when he found a drow priestess he attacked, surprising her, the verbeeg, and the rest of us, who all leapt into action. The priestess crumpled to the floor just moments before D’cafnaet’d did, she from his blows and he from the rush of the two verbeeg. Another pair of the green giants had appeared from the other tents, keeping us busy and unable to help our fallen friend (despite your warning, Mother, I can find no more suitable honorific for D’cafnaet’d). I know that he is a fighter, but I still worried about him, knowing that the longer we were tangled away from him the lower his chance of survival crept. The fight played out around the bonfire, with both sides pushing and throwing the other through the flames, but in the end our side was triumphant. D’cafnaet’d, thankfully, had held on. We gathered he and the priestess up and left the area as quick as possible, sure that more Underworlders would appear if we lingered.

When we woke her she was as unhelpful as one expects a captured drow leader to be, claiming to be an innocent. Knowing what fate would befall her if we took her to Sartian, we instead took her to Lord Wedge, and invited Lady Tam to verify the danger, and with her vote we convinced Lady Viell that the time was right for a motion to be made. She called the council together, and we’ve waited three days. They’ve just gavelled the meeting to order, and… what was that loud crashing noise from outside?



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