The Happy Muggers

Into the Witchwood

  • Spoogi the goblin surrendered, so we questioned him
    • Sinruth is the baddie
    • Attack Came from the north
  • City Guard came, was impressed by our feats, took us to Lord Eoffram Troyas.
  • Met Troyas; Troyas explained that people were abducted at random
  • Army heading toward the Witchwood
  • No one going to get them  
  • got hired to follow the army home, find the hobgoblin lair, save the people, and kill the army
    • Andrew given a fancy defensive hammer
  • Rested
  • Set out in the morning, saw Spoogi dead on the city wall
  • Hard trek to the forest following the tracks
  • Not by Leeloo’s house
  • Found a ruin – Rivenroar, formerly a mausoleum
    • no more surrounding castle; worn away by time
  • Sent D’cafnaet’d ahead; he got shot
  • Two goblin archers, two hobgoblin warriors
  • Battle ensues
    • Trap: two torches spit fire at each other while slowly moving toward us



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