The Happy Muggers

Into the Temple

  • A ruined temple with a dragon statue on top
    • an Ettin and four knolls guarding the bridge into the temple
      • one knoll archer, cheech with a tooth-laden cudgel, Ed with a glave giggling to himself, and Whoopi with a longsword
    • Leeloo uses Curse of the Dark Dream to push cheech into the river
    • the Ettin runs up, hits D’cafnaet’d, and then Tortolla uses his totem to push him into the river
    • Ed drives D’cafnaet’d and Tortolla a little crazy and dazes them
    • the archer burst hits everyone but Leeloo, and D’cafnaet’d is down to 2 HP
    • Montiago Dillermo misses, but then burns an action point to hit the etton and ed with Grasping Shadows
    • Edrick’s form of mountain thundering attack hits almost everybody
    • Tortolla heals D’cafnaet’d, then burns an action point to heal him more
    • D’cafnaet’d uses his Rogue’s Luck to hit Ed, who dies; Leeloo misty steps to the top of the tower
    • Edrick uses his slamming tremor to immobilize Whoopi
    • cheech is pushed into the zone Tortolla created, gets dazed, and then hits Edrick
    • Edrick misses the Ettin, then gets his second wind, which hurts the Ettin, who takes extra damage from Leeloo’s Nypacian Serpents
    • Leeloo leaps off the tower, shoots the Ettin, who dies, and then she misty steps back onto the tower
    • Whoopi runs over and stabs D’cafnaet’d, then the archer shoots him, and D’cafnaet’d Goes Down
    • everybody shoots at Tortolla, and he’s down to 10 HP
    • Montiago Dillermo misses Whoopi, redirects to the archer, who dies
    • Edrick hits Whoopi, who dies
    • Edrick interrupts an attack from cheech, and cheech dies
    • a diamond cincture
  • Extended rest
  • Down into the dungeon
    • two knolls eating a dead Ettin: Lassie (1) and Benji (2), one ogre: Hercules, one hidden wendigo: Killer
    • a spectral form hits D’cafnaet’d; killer enters!
    • lassie calls forth 4 spectral hyenas
    • Montiago Dillermo kills three spectral hyenas and their master gets hurt, and he hits the ogre as well
    • Tortolla’s Spirit of the Healing Flood hits every baddie except the last spectral hyena
    • Leeloo Eldritch Rains the wendigo, who dies, and hurts the ogre
    • Montiago Dillermo hits the ogre and kills a hyena
    • Edrick kills the ogre
    • Leeloo kills lassie
    • Leeloo kills Benji



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