The Happy Muggers

Bounty Hunters

We don't need their scum

  • Shephatiah is dead
    • 300 Gold
    • back home
    • when did the mine and the elemental chaos get tied up together?
  • Set up the meeting with Bram
    • sorry about the mine!
    • 500 Gold (already on the tally)
    • did you speak to Elisa?
      • messenger from Brindol
      • has been here every day
      • we’ve been gone a month, she had been showing up for about a week
      • she’s staying at the Salty Sausage
    • she is not there, and the bartender saw her yesterday
      • D’cafnaet’d pretends to be part of the police
      • Tortolla looks through the room
      • the room has been rummaged through, but put back together
      • D’cafnaet’d hits the streets and looks for anyone who knows anything
        • she was seen, drunk, accompanied by two humans, going to the east side of town
      • on the east side, they’ve seen her by the monastery to Pelor
  • Into the Monastery
  • They have six wanted posters
  • We set Elisa free
    • Aemon sent her
      • he’s been running the Hall of Valor since Certanian disappeared
    • there is a threat to Brindol
      • merchants are disappearing and being eaten
  • back to Brindol
    • they’re avoiding the town
    • they’re bloodthirsty
    • the other day, something happened!
      • in the Hall, a longsword is glowing softly
      • an artifact from before the Red Hand
      • “it spoke to me”
        • “a great evil is awakening” it was crafted to stop this evil, but it’s power is waning
        • he gives it to Tortolla
      • Leeloo fails to remember it
      • Montiago Dillermo recognizes the runes as religious
      • it says “bahamut”
      • Tortolla hears a voice: “it awakens in the north. I weaken but we must stop it”
        • where it rises I can be restored, in a temple of bahamut
        • Leeloo knows of a small temple up there; the Temple of the Blue Flame
        • Montiago Dillermo wants to know if it’s an ensorcelled in the sword; he cannot be sure
        • the sword is called Sapphire
  • we set out in the morning



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