The Happy Muggers

Killing Tusk

The master of the siege falls

The catapult jumped and creaked as it rolled downhill, the tendrils of flame trailing it as it gained speed. The tree stump north of the tent stopped it with a wrenching thunk and a shower of sparks, and in an instant Tusk’s men were standing around it. In another instant Tarque stepped out of the darkness and into the flame’s glow, ice billowing around him and fortifying his shield.

Tusk, the leader of the vast army now surrounding Overlook, a half-dragon, half-orc standing seven feet tall, hid behind a tree.

Leeloo and D’cafnaet’d ran behind the goliath and let fly their projectiles, and were answered with a spectral wolf that lept inside the drow. Montiago too the opportunity to weave an illusion and distract the orcs, pulling their attention and their bodies away from the immediate threat. Tarque pressed the advantage and locked many of them down with blows from his hammer, but Tusk deftly stepped aside and ran to the less-armored rear of the group, breathing noxious fumes on the lot of them.

As they stumbled away they tried to help Tarque, now becoming surrounded. A wolf-skin-clad orc fell first, then the one in troll skin.

Montiago kept his illusion shining all the while, the distraction moving the orcs just where they didn’t want to be just as Tarque moved into position to hit them. But Tusk roamed freely behind the line, far enough from the illusion as to be immune. As he saw his personal guard falling he flanked Tarque and delivered two massive hammer blows, but the warden stood firm. A moment later Tortolla called healing spirits for his old friend, and back into the fight they charged.

A glancing blow from Leeloo enraged Tusk, and as his dragon blood swelled inside him wings burst forth and he began oozing poison from his skin. As he flew around to Tortolla, Montiago pushed a wolf-rider into the fire and out of the fight. All eyes turned to Tusk as he spit poison down from the sky. Those who could run away and fire from afar did so, but in the end a snap from Aegis caught the half-orc’s foot and he fell to the ground, never to rise again.

The subsequent sword to the neck and resulting decapitation made extra sure of that.



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