The Happy Muggers

Duegar Barfight

Wherein the PCs find Jontiago and steal his pipe

  • Interrogation of the Mage
    • Armel
    • Works for Amshel, the dead guard
    • first job with this group
    • a shadowy figure emerges: a short human
      • Sarshan, of the town spies
      • has been tracking Modra for a while
      • “his minions are often at the Happy Beggar”
      • he wanders off
      • D’cafnaet’d follows
    • send Armel to the city guard
  • Extended Rest
  • To the Happy Beggar
  • Into the kitchen
    • deserted, with a stairwell going down
    • short rest
    • send a message to Stonehammer that we’re on the trail of Modra



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