The Happy Muggers

Hot and Steamy

The PCs have let the army by, but they still seal up the tunnel

  • Down the stairway
  • Into a large room filled with steam pipes
    • lots of levers on the pipes
    • the console we need to operate is in the center of the room, next to a pit glowing with the light of lava below
    • Montiago Dillermo tries to open a lever with Mage Hand, and it makes a noise
    • Tarque explains a pipe brokeā€¦ in Orcish
    • we hear someone coming, and hide behind a door then duck into a side room
    • Tortolla preps us for battle with his Protective Roots! 2 DR for everybody!
    • Leeloo jumps out and Eye Bites a maul-wielding Orc
    • a battle axe Orc goes and guards the console
    • Tarque uses Form of the Winter Herald, pulls the limbs off of a mook
    • the mauler knocks Tarque prone, then walks by. Tarque misses an opportunity attack, but the mauler reacts and hits Tarque again
    • enter a rampaging flail and a shaman
    • Leeloo uses Curse of the Dark Dream to push the battle axe into the pit, then runs up to the console to examine it
    • Tortolla uses Spirit of the Healing Flood to burst the pipes and kills two mooks, then heals the Happy Muggers
    • Tarque Thorn Strikes the pummeler and misses, then Burns an Action Point to miss him again
    • the pumeller hits the ground, misses Tortolla and Tarque but hits D’cafnaet’d
    • the rampager rampages, misses Leeloo, then dissolves Aegis
    • the shaman summons a whirlwind; lightning hits Tortolla
    • enter a swordsman and a crossbowman
    • Leeloo uses history to use the console, Burns an Action Point to do it again, then runs from the fray
    • the pummeler runs at Montiago Dillermo, getting snapped by Aegis in the process and reacting with a miss, but then he misses Montiago Dillermo
    • the rampager misses Aegis and hits Tortolla
    • D’cafnaet’d Tumbles between baddies up to the console, and uses thievery, but fails, so he Burns an Action Point to fail again
    • Leeloo Fey Steps away from a mook who snuck up behind her, then Eldritch Rains the shaman, while missing the rampager
    • Tortolla runs over and dungeoneers the console, but fails
    • four mooks surround Leeloo
    • D’cafnaet’d thieveryizes the console and it works!
    • Leeloo shifts out of the circle, then kills a mook with her longsword!
    • Tortolla dungeoneers the console with the help of the spirits. One more!
    • D’cafnaet’d theiveryizes the console and it finishes
    • Leeloo misses with Witchfire, but uses Sacrifice to Ciaphon to not lose the power
    • Tarque’s Inspiring Fortitude gives everyone a 13thp bump, since Tortolla is down to 3 HP
    • Tortolla spent a heal,_ Second Winded_, and canceled a healing flood, going from 3 HP to 39 HP, then Aegis does a snap to give him 4 HP more
    • D’cafnaet’d misses with Scattering Shot
    • Tortolla kills the pummeler, leaps up on the console, runs by the rampager, and grabs the Totem of Thunderkeeper +2
    • Montiago Dillermo runs away, getting an opportunity attack as he drinks a Healing Potion
    • Tarque fails to Bull Rush the archer into the lava
    • Montiago Dillermo phantom bolts the archer, pushing him into the lava
    • D’cafnaet’d kills the swordsman
    • 318 XP
  • Run!



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