The Happy Muggers

Spiders and Ale

The Happy Muggers take an ill-advised but necessary rest

  • Into the next room
    • ale store, living quarters, or down to the machinery
    • noises in the ale store and voices in the living quarters
    • we can block one room with Kalads axe. where do we go?
  • Ale Room
    • a troll breaking casks, five orcs, an archer and a battle tested Orc
    • D’cafnaet’d runs in and stabs the battle tested Orc
    • the archer Critically Hits D’cafnaet’d
    • Leeloo runs in, Eldritch Blasts the battle tested Orc, who is bloodied. She teleports to flank him
    • the troll runs up and misses Leeloo
    • Montiago Dillermo Scorching Bursts to kill two orcs
    • Leeloo is hit, Ciaphon’s Leaps to the back line, and then shoots the battle tested Orc, who dies
    • an Orc runs up and hits Leeloo, who is close to death
    • Montiago Dillermo pins down the archer and his Orc friend with Grasping Shadows
    • Leeloo uses Curse of the Dark Dream, which scares the troll, who runs into the Grasping Shadows are and dies. She Burns an Action Point to hit her second wind
    • D’cafnaet’d dark fires the archer, then runs up and stabs him with scattering shot, which sends an Orc into the Grasping Shadows area and kills him
    • Tortolla‘s Haunting Spirits kills the archer, who as he dies hits D’cafnaet’d, who Goes Down. Tortolla Burns an Action Point to Haunting Spirits to kill the last Orc
    • 153 XP. Level Up!
    • 50 Gold, 40 Silver
  • Extended Rest
    • While we rest, the army of Orcs marches through the main thoroughfare and on to Overlook. Oops.
  • The Barracks
    • several orcs lying dead with small puncture wounds all over
    • crystalline webbing in two corners of the room
    • A chest in the other corner! What wonders does it hold?
    • little crystalline spiders!
    • there’s a huge spider on the ceiling!
    • there are more spiders in the corpses!
    • the spiders shoot frikken laser beams!
    • D’cafnaet’d lights the corpses on fire, everyone else follows suit
    • the big spider blinds Tarque and D’cafnaet’d. D’cafnaet’d, blinded, leaps on a table
    • Leeloo’s Witchfire to the big spider bloodies her
    • Tortolla’s spring Renewal Strike hurts the little spiders
    • Tarque shatters the big spider
    • Leeloo Eldritch Blasts one of the small spiders, and it dies
    • Tortolla kills the last spider
    • 129 XP
    • crystal spider in a jar: it’s Crystal
    • in the chest, 40 Gold and a potion of healing and a finely crafted statue of Orcus (250 Gold)
  • The boss awaits!



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