The Happy Muggers

The Longest Battle

In which the Happy Muggers split the party and take far too long to accomplish anything

  • Still underground
    • two drakes and a warlord Orc, and a pair of spearman orcs and a swordsman Orc
    • the Happy Muggers immediately gets itself split in two
    • a short guy appears and shoots a necrotic bolt at Leeloo
    • Montiago Dillermo Burns an Action Point to mirror maze and phantom bolt the group surrounding him, Tortolla and kalad
    • Tortolla gets skewered by an opportunity attack as he runs to position himself for the spirit of the healing rain
    • Tarque plants himself in the midst of the drakes and warlord and pins them down
    • Tarque crawls next to the drakes and uses his second wind, then eats his healing flood to heal more
    • D’cafnaet’d runs up and backstabs the swordsman, and then swordsman dies
    • kalad gets skewered by both spearman
    • Tortolla uses Capturing Jaws to heal kalad, then Burns an Action Point to miss
    • Leeloo Eldritch Blasts the flanked spearman, and he dies
    • the drakes both Critically Hit kalad, and he dies
    • D’cafnaet’d stabs the crossbowman, and then Leeloo misses him, Burns an Action Point, and hits him again to kill him
    • Tarque Bull Rushes into the beast master, and nothing happens
    • Leeloo shoots an Eldritch Blast and kills the last spearman
    • D’cafnaet’d runs up and Critically Hits the drake, who dies
    • Leeloo Eldritch Blasts the last drake, who dies
    • Leeloo kills the beast master
    • 219 XP
    • rat killers cloak for Leeloo +2, +5 vs swarms, no opportunity attacks from swarms for Leeloo



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