The Happy Muggers

Beneath the Monastery

The Happy Muggers find a friend and beat up the things that live under the bed. WAY under.

  • Heal the dwarf, Kalad, a paladin
    • he was with a scouting party sealing the passages and was ambushed
    • sealed 2 of 3; the third is an 8 hour trek away
    • the rest of his company has been killed
    • the main army will be here in 2 days
    • let’s go seal the last tunnel!
  • Voices up ahead! Speaking orcish!
    • Bertrand goes ahead
    • Built up area with worked tile floor
    • four orcs: two battleaxe-wielding soldiers, one sword-wielding leader, a bombardier
    • the bombardier throws an exploding fireball at us
    • D’cafnaet’d uses scattering shot on the bombardier and bloodies him
    • the leader plugs the Happy Muggers into the hallway
    • Leeloo uses Eldritch Rain, misses the leader but hits the bombardier. The bombardier dies and explodes, setting a soldier on fire
    • Tarque Burns an Action Point, but waits to actually act
    • Tortolla Burns an Action Point and hits the leader
    • kalad hits the leader with his axe, and the leader dies
    • D’cafnaet’d runs out and hits a soldier
    • the soldiers surround D’cafnaet’d and make four attacks, but only one hits
    • Tortolla calls upon the water spirits to rain down healing, and also kill a soldier
    • kalad Burns an Action Point to hurt the Orc
    • Montiago Dillermo throws a phantom bolt and kills the last soldier
    • 100 XP = 3325 XP
    • Acidic Dagger +1 for D’cafnaet’d
  • Extended rest!
  • Down into a large antechamber
    • four orcs: two archers, one rampager, and a swordsman
    • a trap in the middle of the room! Watch out for a pressure plate!
    • D’cafnaet’d runs in and hits the rampager, then Burns an Action Point to hit him again
    • Tarque uses Inspiring Fortitude to aid the group, the runs up and Burns an Action Point to hit the archer and the rampager
    • Montiago Dillermo kills an archer
    • the rampager swings at D’cafnaet’d, but D’cafnaet’d Ripostes and kills him. As a dying action he swings at D’cafnaet’d and misses, and swings at Tarque and hits
    • kalad Critically Hits and kills the last archer
    • everyone surrounds and wails on the swordsman
    • the swordsman swings around and hits D’cafnaet’d
    • D’cafnaet’d kills the swordsman
    • An Amulet of Protecton +2 for Tarque
    • 155 XP = 3480 XP
  • How much farther?
    • just a bit



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