The Happy Muggers

Sealing the Monastery

The Muggers seal the secret passage through the Monastery, and lock themselves on the dangerous side

  • At the Monastery of the Sundered Chain
  • Into the main chamber
    • 6 fur-clad orcs, 3 axe orcs, 1 bugbear
    • D’cafnaet’d runs in and Deft Strikes to kill a furry Orc
    • Montiago Dillermo runs and phantom bolts a furry Orc, who dies
    • axes are thrown and swung and the party is hurt
    • D’cafnaet’d Acrobatic Strikes a furry Orc who had run between Montiago Dillermo and Leeloo, then Burns an Action Point to shoot him, and he dies. Leeloo teleports away, but the Orc hits Montiago Dillermo as he dies
    • a furry Orc runs into some Grasping Shadowsand dies
    • Tarque kills a furry Orc and uses Roots of Stone to trip up the bugbear
    • Aegis pulls an axe Orc into the shadows
    • D’cafnaet’d shoots the shadowy furry Orc, who dies
    • Leeloo Eldritch Blasts the axe Orc, misses, Burns an Action Point and Critically Hits him with a second Eldritch Blast. He dies
    • D’cafnaet’d Dazing Strikes the bugbear, who dies
    • a Cinnabbar Solitaire for Leeloo
    • 178 XP = 2821 XP
  • Onto the next room
    • D’cafnaet’d steps on a pressure plate. We’re trapped!
    • Puzzle: five statues with five shields. Put the shields into the right slots
    • when they’re put in the right spots, a new door opens; the door back opens and we hear orcish voices
    • The PCs run through the new door, Leeloo grabs a shield, and then teleports through the door as it shuts
    • 150 XP = 2972 XP
  • Into the mountain
    • pass a cavern with voices
    • a dwarf is inside being beaten
    • we go in, kill five mooks in a surprise round
    • a bugbear hits Leeloo, but then gets flanked by Aegis and Tarque, and killed by D’cafnaet’d (who Burns an Action Point)
    • Leeloo uses Curse of the Dark Dream, which misses the priest but slides the remaining bugbear next to a pit
    • Montiago Dillermo mirror mazes the bugbear, priest, and Orc, but misses the priest, then Burns an Action Point to push the bugbear into the pit with a phantom bolt
    • Tortolla heals Leeloo, kills a mook, and then Burns an Action Point to miss another mook
    • D’cafnaet’d runs up and backstabs the prone priest
    • Leeloo Eye Bites a mook and kills him
    • D’cafnaet’d backstabs the priest, who dies
    • D’cafnaet’d, down to 1hp, gets healed, second winds, and then runs off, getting missed by two opportunity attacks
    • Leeloo Eldritch Rains and kills the bugbear
    • the last Orc dies somehow. It was all of us against him and we got bored hitting him
    • 200 Gold in gems, 80 Gold
    • a potion for D’cafnaet’d, another for Tortolla
    • 253 XP = 3225 XP



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