The Happy Muggers

Overlooked at Overlook

The Happy Muggers find their next quest, and get beat up by a Wyrm

  • Search Sinruth’s room: a note!
    • the other remnants take great cheer in your attack on Brindol
    • attack Brindol by night; focus on the Hall of Great Valor
    • signed The Emissary
  • Done with Rivenroar
  • Got Adronsius to look at the dragon corpse
    • got a vial of acid
  • Talked to Mertalla about the missing Certanian
    • she was with him briefly, and then did not see him again
    • no one really knew him well
    • Jelissa knew of him: a private man dedicated to the Great Hall of Valor
  • Back to Brindol
    • slower back then here; 2.5 days
    • construction and guards here when we got back
    • keep the abductees together
    • go see Lord Eoffram Troyas
      • show him the letter
      • show him Cartinus’ badge
      • tell him at Sinruth is dead
      • and a dragon is, too
      • I have gotten reports of large numbers of orcs near the city of [[Overlook]]
        • “they are part of our alliance”
        • we hope to send a small force to their aid as soon as we can
        • a city of 8k
        • Bordrin’s Watch is there
        • stay over at Lord Eoffram Troyas’s place
        • gives us a message sealed with wax
        • gives us 80 Gold 300 Silver
  • Travel to Overlook
    • uneventful
    • an old city to protect the dwarves from the giants who had enslaved them
    • want some armor: directed to the Forgeworks, to the house of Donar
      • Tortolla spent 840 Gold on some Bear Spirit Leather Armor +1
    • to the council
      • give them the message
      • Morgoff Stonefirst, head of the council is concerned!
        • “if what he says is true, the entire vale is in much greater danger than I ever imagined.”
        • three months ago, the number of Orc attacks increased
        • they are amassing an army large enough to take Bordrin’s Watch and burn Overlook to the ground.
        • the Monastery of the Sundered Chain, deep in the mountains, may be providing a way past the Watch
        • we will protect the vale!
  • Stay in Overlook overnight
    • avoid a bar fight
  • Off to the Monastery
    • got lost because of Tarque
    • got back on track due to Leeloo
  • Ambushed by a Silkwyrm
  • Extended rest!



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