The Happy Muggers

Leeloo's Journal

On the way to the Overlook

From Leeloo’s journal:

Sinruth is dead.

We fought through the entire catacomb and found him at last, and while his guards put up quite a fight and his dragon friend and he were together quite formidable, we felled him quicker than I would have suspected when we first caught sight of him.

Which is quite a different estimation than I would have given when we first arrived at Rivenroar. On the way there—even after the first day’s fighting—I would have guessed him to be a simple warlord, a strong man who had wrangled together a local tribe of goblins and, with a streak of hyperbole and a knowledge of the fear still bottled in a name, dubbed his dubious band the second coming of the Red Hand.

But it quickly became apparent that he was more than that. Or, as the note we found in his quarters would have it, the Emissary is more than that, and he played Sinruth into his plans. There is more going on in this than I would have suspected—but Sinruth is but a pawn in the game, and the outlines of the game are still unclear.

For now, the next clue lies in Overlook, that dwarven city to the northeast that protects Elsir Vale from the orcish hordes beyond. The trail to my father lies to the west, but the safety of mother and the twins must take priority. When the Vale fears no onslaught I shall be free to travel and unravel that mystery, but for now my path leads into the jaws of the greater and more immediate danger.



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