The Happy Muggers

From Leeloo’s journal:

I’m nursing combat wounds for the first time. We’ve been through six fights and this is the first time, but I’d rather it never happen again. It hurts.

We’d decided not to delve deeper into Rivenroar until we were certain we wouldn’t get trapped down there, so we set out to explore the first level. It’s a good thing we did, too, because there seems to be a lot of stuff up here.

We dispatched a party of warriors without too much of a problem, even though Montiago Dillermo got hit a few times by archers and D’cafnaet’d fell down a pit.

In the next room we came across something curious: a large tapestry with a swampland castle on it that shimmered and moved as if you were looking through a window. No sooner did we find this artifact than a strange ooze poured out of it and began to attack us. It was a hardy little fellow; shrugging off many blows, including a Witchfire I gifted him. It even tried to hit me, though the distraction of the burning made its intention obvious enough for me to evade the blow. Worse than that, when it looked like we might be getting the upper hand the thing just split in two like a scrambled egg being shared and kept up the attack.

And just when I managed to off one of those two some spectres appeared out of nowhere and really did hit me with some dread necromancy I have no wish to experience again. D’cafnaet’d did an admirable job felling the spectres, but not before the remaining ooze landed a hit on me, complete with a caustic slime that burned long after the blow. I might have fallen if not for Tortolla’s wondrous healing arts, which I seek to admire from afar from now on.

D’cafnaet’d sliced the tapestry into tiny pieces as soon as the battle was over, and I can’t blame him. But I can’t help but wonder… was that Rhest?


Argh! I must know if it was Rhest!!


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