The Happy Muggers

Gods are with us

At first sleep evaded her no matter how grueling the day that she just had. Ronstien was puzzled by this but she did not want to alarm her companions.

Soon it became evident that the lack of sleep was due to unnatural causes. No matter how little sleep she receive it never seemed to effect her performance in protecting her comrades. Eventual the silence that accompanied the sleepless nights turned into a hum which in-turn broke into music.

Hymns of heavenly flutes and harps. Sleep had returned as if the splendid music was rocking her to sleep. When she woke she was no longer the same person. She knew that she had been chooses by the Gods to complete there bidding in smiting the dark forces that await in the shadows to harm the weak. No longer could she leave the retribution to others, she must take matters into her own hands. Into the front lines where her enemies could not hide in the shadows from the Path of Light.



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