The Happy Muggers

Flashback Session 3: Champions and Fiends

In which we attend a fey revelry, wrestle unicorns, bypass an obstacle, talk to dryads and treents, and still do not find anyone we're looking for.

We camp under the stars, though their constellations bely the unnature of this place. It is a quiet sleep, and when we awake the claw marks of Xivorts all around us reveal the protection that the leprechauns lent us overnight.

Thus rested, we set out North to find the Green Lord‘s champion. It is an easy trek, save a field of crimson-thronged shrubberies that look menacing enough that we bypass them through various bits of magic and ingenuity. Soon afterward we find ourselves at the gates of a raucous camp in the throes of an early revelry, and while they somehow manage not to recognize KD they do invite us to join the fun. When our mission is made clear to them–after a few drinks and stories, of course–they offer to bring our case to Ragnar, the Champion himself, if we will but do them the favor of guiding a few unicorns to them, said unicorns having made the unfortunate choice to favor the Summer Queen’s champion instead. We agree with the hearty agreement possible only after a few drinks and stories shared with wild fey in an early morning revelry, and though the unicorns prove playful we have no real trouble guiding them into the orbit of the Green Lord and his ilk.

Ragnar, suitably impressed with KD as he led a four-unicorn parade back into the camp (still enjoying a revelry, now not so early but just as raucous), tells us that though he has already sent his cousin to break the magic hex by finding and killing young Orlando-cum-Propherio, he would be more than happy to attempt to disentwine them if we were somehow to bring the lad back in one piece, providing that we somehow do so before said finding and killing is completed by said cousin. KD manages to avoid the ongoing revelry and set off immediately, and the rest of us are obliged to follow along.

The last known whereabouts of the identity-confused boy are known to us, being not far away in the presence of a tree said to house a dryad, which would coincide nicely with Julianna’s story of her love being wooed away by a woman of some great wiles. Indeed when we arrive at the tree and talk to the dryad in question she confirms this version of events, and further points us in the direction of a Treent of her acquaintance by the name of Oakstaff, whose roots are put down not far from her own, and whose acquaintance we too soon share, the old fey having heard of our presence on the island and being quite ready to point us along to the Water Palace, the old hideout of Propherio, which is guarded against the hag Soryth–who we’ve met– and her fiend friend Calaban– whose presence we were before this unaware of– in much the same way that their lair, the Spiral Palace, is protected against all those native to the island, making it impossible for them to approach it. Oakstaff gives us some provisions and points the way onward, but it is becoming a bit tedious running errands for the errand boys of great fey lords without so much as a promise that the errand boys will be happy about it, let alone that the fey lords might come to know the many tedious steps necessary for their wishes to be made real. Nevertheless KD is not about to give up on poor Julianna and Orlando, whose timing was abysmal but whose fate should not be left to the hands of chance. So I do assume that we shall away to the Water Palace forthwith, and indeed your humble scribe should stop now as the party seems to be heading in precisely that direction.



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