The Happy Muggers

Dear Cousin

Hello Cousin,

I hope that this letter finds you well. What sort of escapades have you been up to as of late? No doubt you are also in the midst of the family culling. I myself have already done my fair share, you remember Sernon and Dernon? That was before my current predicament.

The High Council of Overlook has taken my entire home and my possessions. Sure I may have attended a few balls I was not invited to or liberated some belongings from lonely women; however none could say that they were left wanting. But the High Council has the audacity to claim that I am not a true Nobleman! Just because I did not earn a title or was born to a family name does not make me any less a nobleman.

I digress, I now find myself lacking of a home and protection from my brothers. I have heard that you are doing well for yourself along with setting family records. I wonder cousin would it not be more efficient if we were to pool our resources together to dispatch of any…problems that would arise?

Best Regards,

Vernon Guillermo



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